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Who is Teaching You?

I know three teachers who are the best teachers you could ever have. These teachers are full of wisdom and truth. They work long hours and are always there to listen. These teachers will lead you in a way that allows you to flourish and grow and become the best person you can be… if you follow their advice. These teachers are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Have you ever thought of them as your teacher?

I find it so encouraging to know that even Jesus received teaching. We read in John 8:28 that Jesus was taught by His Father. Then in Isaiah 11:2, Isaiah prophesies that the Saviour will be given wisdom and understanding as well as good council. All throughout scripture we can read about these teachers and how their wisdom and care impacted people’s lives. Their methods may be a little different, but they are all effective. Let’s take a closer look at how these incredible teachers worked.

God teaches two distinct things to the people of Israel. Firstly, He teaches His judgments and statutes, Deuteronomy 4:5, Psalms 94:12, Jeremiah 32:33, Micah 4:2, Isaiah 2:3. God teaches the people about how to a Godly life. He articulates what pleases Him and what will bring about His anger.

Secondly, He instructs and leads them, Psalm 25:8, Psalm 25:12, Psalm 32:8. God doesn’t just lay down all these commandments and leave them to it. God’s teaching is continuous. He walks beside them and leads them along the way. We see in Exodus 4:12-15 that God is going to teach Moses what to say as he faces Pharaoh. Isaiah 54:13 and Psalm 71:17 speak about people growing up in God’s teaching. They learnt God's ways from a young age. So not only does God teach us His ways He walks with us in them. He doesn’t just leave us to muddle through on our own He comes alongside to help and encourage.

Jesus’ teaching is slightly different. His primary purpose of teaching was one of pointing people towards His Father’s teaching and the fulfillment of His plans in Jesus. He taught about the kingdom of God, Matthew 4:23, and the way of truth, Mark 12:14 and Matthew 22:16. Jesus brought meaning and relevance to what God had taught in light of the sacrifice He was going to make. He spent a lot of time teaching this in the synagogues and temple, but he also taught by the sea and on boats and mountains. Jesus selflessly points people towards God and taught them how to live in a way that brings honour and glory to God.

Finally, we have the Holy Spirit. He was sent to us by God to be our teacher, John 14:26. He was sent to remind us of all Jesus taught, John 16:13. Just like God, He will equip us with what to say, Luke 12:11-12. The primary way that The Holy Spirit teaches us is by reminding and revealing. He reminds and reveals to us Jesus teaching about God and His kingdom. What powerful teachers we have. They all teach us in a slightly different way, but all bring glory to God. God teaches us about His judgment and statutes but also instructs and leads us along the way. Jesus points us towards God and the gospel of His kingdom that is to come, and the Holy Spirit reminds and reveals the truth Jesus taught. We have the opportunity every day to allow Father, Son and Holy Spirit to be our teachers. When we learn to listen in and obey there teaching, we will grow in wisdom and see fruit grow in our lives.


Lord, Thank You that You are my teacher. I am so grateful for the way You come alongside me and show me the way. Amen

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