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Raging Storms

Are you struggling at the moment?

Many of us find ourselves in a difficult season. Truthfully, for some of us it feels more like a way of life than a season! There is an overwhelming feeling that things will never change.

If this is where you find yourself today my heart goes out to you because I know the pain of a difficult season. A season where you question, “What went wrong?” “Why me?” and “When is this season going to end?”

I want to share two powerful truths with you that have been like a healing balm to my soul when my heart has been broken.

The first truth is from Mark 4, the story of Jesus calming the storm. The story ends with the disciples being absolutely terrified about what has just happened and they asked each other “Who is this man? Even the wind and waves obey Him!”

The disciples have just witnessed Jesus commanding the sea to be calm and the waters to obey Him. This was astounding to them and opened their eyes to the power and authority Jesus has.

Genesis tells us that the world and all that’s in it was created by His word. John 1 starts with, “In the beginning was the Word!” God’s word is powerful and brings with it an immediate response. Even we were created by His word as it says in Genesis 1:26.

God is not overwhelmed by what threatens to overwhelm us.

God is bigger than any situation we find ourselves in. Nothing is impossible for Him, Mark 10:27. What we see as threatening and overwhelming is not that way to Him.

So when we feel like we are in an impossible situation, one that seems like it will never change, this truth helps us to realign ourselves with the truth and trust Him within the hard times.

The second truth is that it is well with my soul. It is well with your soul! In spite of how we feel in our situation ultimately it is well with our soul. Victory has and always will be God’s. You may not feel particularly victorious in your situation. You may feel battered and beaten, disillusioned and forgotten, yet that can be put in perspective when we understand, above all ‘it is well with my soul.’

This truth gives us a peace that transcends all understanding. It does not mean that our struggles or pain have gone away but it means that we can journey through it with peace in our heart.

Some of you are in pain today. Your circumstances are overwhelming. You feel there is no escape. Life is painful and you feel disillusioned and hurt. Some of you need healing balm for your soul today. I would like to encourage you to take the time today to listen to the song that ministered this truth to my heart and allow it to minister to you.

My circumstances did not change immediately but what this truth did was soothe my aching soul and encourage me to continue on. May it can be an encouragement to you today as well.



I need your healing balm today. I choose to give You all that is burdening me and allow Your truth to permeate deep into my soul and bring me peace.


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