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Benefits of Boundaries

Memorable Moment

Have you ever felt that you have lost yourself?

In the midst of taking care of our family and even friends we can take on more and more responsibility.  We can find ourselves running on empty because we have given so much that we have nothng left.

When we get to this stage we end up being no good to anyone because we have nothing left to give. Sometimes we can also experience resentment seting in. When this happens even when we are serving others tirelessly, our heart is not in it, and we end up resenting those we are trying to bless.

The good news is that we can correct this. The answer lies in setting boundaries.

Boundaries can be challenging, especially when people expect us to always be there to pick up the pieces.  However, in the long run, boundaries are not only good for us they are good for others too.  


Healthy boundaries allow us to continue to care for others without losing ourselves in the process.

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