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When Actions Speak As Loud As Words

How important is acceptance to you?

The world is focused on equality.  Equality in the workplace, gender and sexuality.  They are pushing for everyone to be on equal footing, in other words, accepted.

I’m wondering if we are in a season where we need to stand on the truth of Gods word but our actions need to speak loud as well.

When I look at Jesus I see that He spoke the truth with clarity but He also lived it out.  Through our actions, we can convey the life-changing way Jesus loved people.

We are in a season where our values are in conflict with the world.   More than ever it is important that we follow in the footsteps of Jesus and make love and compassion shine.

“Am I valued” is the question the world is asking.  What if we as the church could be the ones to offer acceptance and show them just how valuable they are.

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