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Hearing Voices

Have you ever thought about the people who are influencing your life?

Sometimes we don’t even realize the impact certain voices are having in our lives. Some voices we know and love, we welcome their input and words, but other voices can really hurt us.

Recently I have been calling myself to account on the voices I am listening to. I started to do this because I found myself spending more time thinking about the hurtful words people have spoken about me, often behind my back, than the encouraging words of those who love and truly know me. I was giving so much time and energy to the hurtful words and character assassination by these people who I like to call the ‘meanies’, many who don’t even know me at all.

Do you hang onto the harsh words of a few, rather than truthful words of those who invest in us? The trouble with hanging onto the harsh words is that the meanies become your teacher. They tell you that you are no good, that your personality is wrong or that they know better than you. But the reality is that they don’t. The meanies say unkind things for all sorts of reasons. Many times those reasons relate to their own insecurity and jealousy. They use these attacks to pull you down in a bid to make themselves feel better.

Listening to those voices gives power and authority to those who don’t deserve that position in our lives. We need to be intentional about surrounding ourselves with people who are committed to journeying with us. We probably already have them, but we have let the voices of the negative outsiders have our attention.

Having people in our lives that have invested in us is so vital to our growth and development. These people aren’t always going to tell us what we want to hear but we can know for sure they are speaking with good intentions. These intentions aim to help us rather than tear us down.

What about God? How loud is His voice in your life? God gifts us with great family and friends to do life in community with, but they are never a substitute for a relationship with Him. God needs to remain our source and the one we ultimately trust our life to.

We are always going to face opposition and unkind people, that’s a part of life. It is so important that we keep seeking to hear God’s voice first and then those who care for us. Let those voices be the ones that feed your soul.

What types of voices are the loudest in your life at the moment? Have the meanies voices become a focus in your life? Do you need to recalibrate and tune into the voice of God and allow His wisdom and truth to guide your path and refresh your soul today?


Lord, I’m sorry that I have let anyone’s voices overshadow Yours. Your voice is all I need so I choose to turn down the volume of other voices and focus on You today. Speak to me Lord I pray. Amen

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