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The Value of a Friend

Do you have people in your life that speak the truth no matter how challenging it is?

We all have friends, but how many of us have friends that will give honest, ‘no holes barred’, advice in our lives?

After the Israelites left Egypt, Moses got a visit from his father in law Jethro, a very wise man and one of the priests of Midian. When Jethro arrives, Moses tells him all that has happened. While Jethro is amazed at what God has done for the Israelites he speaks into Moses life and advises him on some changes need to be made for him to continue being a good leader.

Here are two questions I want you to consider.

Do you have people around you who speak the raw honest truth into your life?

I think its fairly easy to find people who will love and support us but to find someone who is willing to speak the difficult reality can sometimes be hard to find. It is critical for healthy growth that we have wise godly friends that will tell us what we need to hear rather than what we want to hear.

Do you allow people to speak the raw honest truth into your life?

It can be so difficult to hear the truth sometimes. Have you ever had someone tell you something that although it was the truth was painful to hear? It takes humility to be able to hear and take on board difficult truths about ourselves. But the insight of a trusted friend is so valuable because sometimes they can see the situation with greater clarity than we can.

One honest friend is more valuable than a multitude of acquaintances!

I want to encourage you to pray and seek out Godly friendships that are raw and honest. Even if you only have one or two people that you can share with deeply and honesty, you will be blessed beyond belief.

I want to also encourage you to consider how you handle ‘tough love’. Have you given permission for people to be honest or are they hesitant to tell you the truth because you will not take it well?

Proverbs 27:5-6 says, “An open rebuke is better than hidden love! Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

Ultimately God is the one who speaks truth and love into our lives. Are we willing to tune into Him and respond with humility and obedience to what He says?

God also puts people in our lives to give us wise advice and a fresh perspective that can help us to grow and be fruitful.


Dear Lord, You are the one who speaks truth and love into my life. Thank you that you also put people around me, led by you to do the same. Please help me to see them and appreciate them. Would you help me to be humble in receiving difficult truth and help me to apply it to my life. Amen

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