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The Advantage Of An Impolite Relationship With God

How would you describe your relationship with God?  Would you describe it as polite or impolite?

I have experienced both types of relationships with God and I would like to encourage you that I have benefited more from an impolite relationship with God than a polite one.  I used to be too scared to express my true feeling to Him for fear that I would be struck by a bolt of lightning.

When we dare to be genuine and raw in our faith we begin to see how powerfully God can work in our lives.

There was a time where we were singing a song at church about God being a good Father.  At the time I was in a challenging season where I felt that God should have come riding in on a fiery chariot and vindicated me but He didn’t, I was really disappointed with God for that.  When it came to the words you are a good Father, I couldn’t sing them because the honest truth was that I didn’t feel that He was a good Father at that time.

The reality is that God is not unsettled when we are upset with him.  God doesn’t question if He’s still God just because I haven’t spoken to Him for a couple of days.  If we don’t like His decisions He doesn’t fall into self-doubt and question if He’s made the right decision.

God is secure and at peace with who He is and where He is and there is nothing we can do to change that.

A polite relationship is a relationship you have with someone you see every Sunday.  That is not the type of relationship Jesus’ blood was shed for!  He didn’t come to give us a polite, Sunday morning relationship.  He came for a close intimate relationship with us.  Christ’s blood was enough for us to discard the politeness and pursue a genuine relationship with Him.

As I spoke to God about those feelings I had about Him not being a good father, He began to speak to me about that season of my life.  He told me how His heart ached for what I had gone through and that He was with me through it all.  At that moment something was healed in me and the next time we sang that song I was able to truly confess with all my heart that He is a good father.

If I had kept my relationship with God polite those feelings would have been stuffed down and left to fester in my heart.  Because I brought them to God He was able to speak His truth into them and bring healing and freedom.

If we have a polite relationship with God where we are scared to tell Him exactly how we feel our relationship will never grow. It will always remain surface level and shallow.  Who wants a stagnant clinical relationship with God?  That’s so boring and uninspiring.  Most of all I don’t believe that’s what God wants.

I encourage you today to not have an impolite relationship with God.  Don’t treat Him like a Sunday morning acquaintance.  Dare to be raw, honest, and real and experience a new depth to your relationship with Him.


Thank You that we can have a raw and real relationship with You.  Thank You that when we bring our feelings to You, You share Your truth to what we are feeling and bring healing.


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