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Parking Spaces

Do you think there are things in your life that God is not interested in?  What if there were some things that He considers insignificant in comparison to the bigger things of life?

Sometimes we can be reluctant to bring things to God because we feel they are too mundane or insignificant to bother Him with.  This mindset is based on a belief about God’s character that is simply not true?  Today I want to share with you why praying for car parking spaces is important to God.

One day I had to take my daughter to the hospital.  It was first thing in the morning and the hospital is located in the center of town where parking is at a premium.  I prayed and asked God if He would prepare a parking spot for us.  This is something I often do.

Someone once told me that God doesn’t care about car parking spaces.  They then went on to explain that there are certain things God doesn’t care about.  Things He considers insignificant and not worth His intervention.

As I pondered this thought I realised that if I believe that God is only interested in the ‘big’ things of life then that says something about His character that is simply not true.  It suggests that on some issues and areas of my life God is simply not interested in what’s happening.  But that thought goes completely against the character of God that I learn from my bible.  In my bible He talks about sparrows and caring for me so much more than them (Matt 10:29-31).   Paul reminds us that not to worry about anything but to take everything to God in prayer (Phil 4:6-7).

God cares about all the things that concern our heart.  Things that in a worldly sense seem minimal and insignificant.  To a mother, however, who has a sick child that is in need of care and medical attention parking spaces are a big deal!

God is a detailed God who is interested in the details of our lives.

God is not only interested in the big things of our lives.  God is relational and desires an intimate relationship with us He cares about all our lives and he cares about the little details.

I love my husband I care about all aspects of his life.  I want to know everything he is thinking and feeling.  There is no area of his life I consider too mundane to know.  I want to know all of him.  It’s in knowing each other that our relationship is deep and intimate and it is distinguished from every other relationship I have.  It makes our relationship unique and special.

I love the story about Elijah (1 Kings 19:4).  Elijah runs away feeling defeated and lies down under a broom tree to die.  God sees him and sends an angel to feed him and after he has eaten and rested God speaks to Elijah.   God cared about where Elijah was at that moment.  He lovingly provided for him when he was in need.  God does the same for us.  He sees the things that are important to us, He knows the cry of our heart and He is there to meet that need.

So I want to encourage you today to bring everything to God in prayer, even car parking spaces!  And when you do, marvel at how He does indeed provide.


Thank you that you care about every detail of my life and that I can bring everything to You both big and small and You will hear my prayer and answer.



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