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I Don’t Want to Be Here!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you just don’t want to be in?

There have been countless times that I have thought to myself, “I just don’t want to be in this situation?” It usually involves stress and conflict and I would rather be anywhere else but where I am. I lament about what I would do if I was not in the situation. How different my life would look and how wonderful it would be.

I have found comfort, all be it a little concerning, in the number of people in the bible who were living in situations that they did not want to be in.

Take for example the Israelites wandering in the desert. I don’t think they wanted to be there. In fact, I know they didn’t want to be there due to all their complaining. I think of David trying to outrun King Saul who was determined to destroy him. David had to live this nomadic life in an effort to outrun his enemy. Then we move to Joseph, sold into slavery, freed then falsely accused and put into prison. I don’t think he wanted to be there either. Daniel in captivity, Jonah going to speak to the Ninevites, Peter trying to go unrecognized at the crucifixion and Paul in prison. All people who did not want to be in the situation they found themselves in.

It seems as though God has a funny way of doing things. All these people were called by God for a particular purpose but their journey meant they found themselves in very uncomfortable situations.

When we take a closer look at their lives it seems as though valuable lessons were being learnt during the times where things were not as though they would want them to be. Now I know this is not what we want to hear, especially if we are going through one of those times right now!

Have you noticed when you reflect on your life that your greatest learning’s have come through a season of struggling? It would seem that the struggle builds something of substance in us that equips us for the journey ahead. I would not have the empathy and insight if I had not been through times where I would rather be anywhere else but here.

Sometimes we become so focused on “What could be” that we miss the gold that is found in the “What is”. Learning to live effectively in the “what is” equips us for the next seasons of our journey. But if we focus on getting out of that situation rather than seeing what we can learn in it we rob ourselves of valuable intel and growth.

You may find yourself in a situation right now that you want to change. Ask God to show what He wants you to see in the “what is” while you are waiting for what's to come.


Lord, I don’t like the situation I am in but I don’t want to miss what You want to show me, so would You please open my eyes so that I can see the gold in the situation I’m in and how You want to grow me. Amen


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