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Courage Under Fire

Have you ever stepped out into something God has told you to do and been absolutely flogged?

After healing a man the crowds quickly turn on Paul, stone him and leave him for dead.  But Paul gets up and goes back into town.

Paul did something that we can sometimes struggle to do when things go horribly wrong.  He got back up again and continued on.

Often our first reaction is to run away or give the thing up that we were doing.  Satan often uses this form of offence to get us to walk away from the exact thing God is wanting us to do. He knew he had not done anything wrong, it was their sin. Paul stayed strong and continued on because He had clarity and conviction in his calling.

Clarity and conviction are key when it comes to standing strong and living out our calling.

Understanding what God is calling us to will help us to stand strong even when we face huge opposition. God will continue to strengthen us to do incredible things.

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