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What Is My Portion?

Have you ever really wanted something and missed out?

As a kid, I remember my brother and me fighting over who got the biggest piece of something.  Whether it be a piece of cake or a slice of pizza tears of injustice would fall from the one who felt they got less.

What about in life?  Do you feel that others have a better portion than you?

Throughout the Psalms, David repeatedly describes God as his portion.

If anyone had a right to feel like they missed their portion it should have been David.  Remember he was anointed to be king yet that did not happen for a while and he was running for his life.

In spite of our circumstances, we have the opportunity to be as confident as David was.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we have been grafted into that same family line.

Because of this, the Lord our God is our portion as well.

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