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Don’t Waste Your Time in the Word

This week I want to follow on from last week and focus on turning our time in the word from dreary to captivating. The word of God can be exciting when we take the time to absorb ourselves into it.  I have been shocked at the content found within its pages.  I have been thrilled by the stories of battle and moved by the accounts of loss.  Romance, betrayal, poetry and wisdom, all are found within its pages.

And then we meet Jesus!  To be able to read accounts of His teaching, journey with Him, and wrestle with His words is truly a privilege.

So today I want to equip you to invest valuable time in God’s word.

  1. Never read it alone As I said last week this is not just any old book.   The bible is often referred to as the ‘living word’ and with good reason!  It has the Spirit of God upon it!  We need to ask Holy Spirit to illuminate the word as we read it.  He will guide you and He will give you the ability to see what is sometimes hidden, John 14:26.   If we just read it in the carnal we totally miss the deeper messages held within its pages.

  2. Read regularly Have you ever binge-watched a TV show?  Have you noticed how much more you get out of the series when you dedicate a large amount of uninterrupted time to it?  Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to spending time in the word.  Drink deeply from its wisdom.  When we are sporadic in our reading we miss the themes and messages flowing between the stories.

  3. Throw legalism out the window Let it flow!  I have deliberately had to let go of my regimented ways when it comes to reading the bible.  I want Holy Spirit to lead me and I want to be sensitive to what He is saying.  So that means that sometimes I will read larger portions and other times just a few verses before I feel Holy Spirit is asking me to pause.  Enjoy the freedom of flowing with the Spirit when you read the word.

  4. Share the gold. Write down any gems that you come across.  Not only are they great reminders for us but they can also benefit others.  It’s uncanny how many times someone has been sharing with me a particular issue that they are struggling with and I have been able to speak some truth or encouragement to them because of what I have been reading that week.

  5. Keep it fresh I have a number of different versions of the bible.  It is amazing how you get a new perspective on a familiar teaching when you read it from a different version.  Don’t restrict yourself wholly and solely to one version all the time.

God has given us His word as a gift, not a burden.

When you hold it you have life-giving hope in your hands.  Let it speak to you, let it challenge you, and let it set you free.



Refresh my view of Your Word today.  Increase my desire to read it and my wisdom to understand what You want me to know through it.


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