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Do What the Father is Doing

What if I told you there was a way to live a fulfilling life that was fulfilling without burning you out?

By our earthly standards, Jesus could have done a more effective job of influencing people while He was on earth. There are more places He could have visited and more people he could have influenced. But Jesus wasn’t interested in earthly standards. Jesus’ one and only focus while He was on earth, was to do what the Father was doing, John 5:19. In fact, He only spoke what the Father wanted, John 12:49.

Imagine only speaking what God asks you to speak! Now that’s a challenge!

God did not ask Jesus to run around the earth frantically making sure everyone saw and heard Him. Instead, there was a real sense of peace about Jesus and the way He lived His life. His total undivided attention was to seek His Fathers will and walk in it.

When I fell pregnant with my first set of twins I was blessed to have a very dear friend that had twin girls 9 months before me. She was so wise and well thought out and I completely trusted her. I followed everything she did with her twins. She saved me from wasting a lot of my time doing things that weren’t going to work. She saved me from a lot of stress also. I was free to put my time and energy into what did work.

I wonder if we spend a lot of time and energy doing the things we think God wants us to do rather than spending the time seeking what God is doing and joining in with that?

A lot of us have parts of our lives that we allow God to speak into and other parts where we do not consider Him at all. I think we often have a misconception that seeking God’s guidance in everything we do will somehow slow us down!

Jesus did not seem paralyzed and I wouldn’t characterize Him as being stagnant! What I do see is Jesus wanting to do the will of God above all else. I see Him take time, even in difficult pressured situations, to withdraw from everyone and seek His Father’s will.

I would like to encourage you to seek what the Father is doing in every part of your life. Enjoy the freedom and simplicity that comes from only seeking to do what the Father is doing.



I know there are areas in my life that I do not seek your guidance and I am sorry. Father, I desire to hand every area of my life to you for your guidance and wisdom. I want to be a person who seeks your face and walks in your footsteps. Thank you for loving me and having the best plan for my life.


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