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Blessed To Be A Blessing

Can you remember the best gift you ever received? What made it so good?

Was it special because the giver of the gift bought the gift in response to your likes and desires? Was it because they took the time to understand you first?

How wonderful it is to be known by someone.

However, have you ever been given a gift that was not you at all? Someone completely missed the mark and brought you something that is not even close to the type of style you like? It leaves you thinking, “Do they even know me at all?”

In Genesis God makes a promise to Abraham. “I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing”, Genesis 12:2.

In that moment God gave Abraham the best gift he could ever receive, His blessing. God makes that promise to us as well in Ephesians 1:3-5. So what is a blessing and what does it mean to be blessed?

Blessing is the way God imparts His message of identity and destiny into our lives! God’s desire is to empower us to prosper in life.

Sometimes when we hear the word prosper we think of money. While money can be a part of being prosperous, to fully prosper means so much more. Prospering is to thrive, succeed and to fulfil whom you were created by God to be. To abide in an intimate relationship withGod. We can find so much comfort knowing that God’s desire for us is to get the knowledge of our true identity from Him, which empowers us to fulfill our destiny.

The interesting thing about God’s blessing is that it is twofold. Firstly, we receive a blessing from God. Then we give from God's blessing so that we may in turn be a blessing to others. It’s just like an overflow! Because we have received so much from God we then in turn flow that on to others.

We are blessed so that that we in turn can be a blessing! A couple of years ago I was invited to a high tea. What impacted me most was that the ladies had organised the event to fundraise so that they would have available funds should a need arise in there local community. They wanted to be ready and available to bless people in need. What an amazing thing to do!

My hope is that you will recognise and receive Gods blessing in your life and that in turn you will be a blessing to others.


Lord, Thank you for Your love for me. Thank You that You want to show me what my true identity is. I am deciding today to lay aside the words others have spoken over me and the words I have said about myself that are not true. I desire to know how You see me and what Your desire is for my life. Lord, would You give me eyes to see where I can be a blessing to others. Amen

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