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Have you ever noticed that life can be unpredictable? We often feel powerless against a constantly changing world. What if there was a way you could stay grounded no matter what comes your way?


For years I struggled with the unpredictability of life. I felt like I was constantly ducking waves only to be hit with the next one. That was until I realised that there was a battle plan I could follow that would provide stability and strength to my life. I was able to stay grounded no matter what life threw my way.


This plan changed my life and brought me the peace and security I longed for.

I am so excited to be able to share this plan with you so that you can enjoy the same stability and strength I’ve received.


I have been able to encourage 100’s of people to stand strong in the storms of life.

I do this because I understand how disheartening and exhausting it can be to not know what is going to happen next.


If you feel that unpredictability is getting the better of you don’t waste another moment feeling exhausted and disillusioned. Let me help you and together we will discover new ways to stay grounded in this ever-changing world.

Still Standing (Paperback)

  • This is the paperback version, second edition of Still Standing.

    The book is also available as an ebook.

  • Shipping is managed by Sendle.

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