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Have you ever felt you are not enough? Not pretty enough, tall enough, smart enough, rich enough, fortunate enough, skinny enough, intelligent enough, witty enough, fit enough, sensitive enough, old enough, quiet enough, tough enough, polite enough, political enough, educated enough, quick enough, skilled enough, young enough, loud enough, powerful enough, funny enough, bold enough, Christian enough or any of the other "enoughs".


The sad truth is we all feel “not enough” at times and wish that horrible feeling would go away!

In I'm Enough, I candidly share my own struggles with value and self-worth. Not only that, I also identify ways we can address this issue head on and move forward in victory.


The practical tools in I'm Enough will allow you to:

  • Stop unworthiness from robbing your life and allow you to step into living life in all its fullness.
  • Gain confidence in realising your feelings of unworthiness and dealing with them before they take hold.
  • Enjoy the freedom of knowing your worth and value in spite of your circumstances.


Here’s the thing I want you to know the most. I don't believe that feeling unworthy and undervalued is the way God intended us to feel. When I read God’s word and dwell on His character it simply doesn’t make sense for us to live our lives feeling worthless and not enough. It’s time for things to change!

I'm Enough will help you overcome self-doubt and reclaim your true value and worth. God sent His Son, Jesus, to bring you life in abundance, so start living that abundant life today by discovering your true identity and worth.

I'm Enough (Paperback)

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