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Why Is Life So Hard?

Have you ever done something half-heartedly and been disappointed with the outcome?

There have been diets I have half-heartedly followed and surprise, surprise I did not get the results I wanted.

There is a phrase in Judges that is repeated a number of times that is very interesting.  It mentions tribes that did not drive out the inhabitants of the land.

God had given Israel a clear directive, but Israel had only followed half of it.  They had taken the land but chose not to drive out the inhabitants.  Which led them to follow other gods.

Do we take some of the things God says seriously yet other things we overlook?

When we do this, we miss out on the fullness of God’s blessing and we open ourselves up to be led in different directions.

If we want God’s victory in our lives, we need to learn to be completely obedient to Him.

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