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Who’s Stealing Your Destiny?

Have you ever felt that someone has stolen your destiny? Has someone else caused you to feel you have missed out on what God has called you to do?

Is it possible for someone to steal your God-given destiny?

The story of Joseph is such a great example of people trying to rob someone of their destiny. Between his brothers, Potiphar’s wife and the chief cupbearer it would seem reasonable to assume that they messed up Joseph’s destiny. But Joseph ended up being in charge of the whole nation of Egypt. God’s plans for Joseph prevailed.

Even though those people behaved in mean and selfish ways they could not stop Joseph fulfilling his God-given destiny!

God had plans for Joseph to be in that position and His plans prevailed. There were a lot of twists and turns along the way, for sure but God’s purposes for Joseph were accomplished.

Why should it be any different for you?

People can’t steal your destiny but some of us have believed that they can. I know I have believed this. This is a trap I have fallen into many times. I have believed that someone’s mean or selfish actions have robbed me of God’s plans for my life.

Believing this lie is like falling into a trap. It gives that person a position of power and authority in your life that is not theirs to take. In fact, you are giving them a position over God!

God has given you your destiny. Believing that this person has enough power and authority to derail God’s destiny, you are believing this person to be very powerful indeed!

Now, in spite of all, I have shared so far there is actually one person who can affect your destiny … you!

We have the ability to reject what God has for us. Through pride, disobedience or even fear, we can choose to miss what God would like us to do.

Do you remember the spies who scouted out the ‘promised land’ for the Israelite’s? Two were ready to step into their destiny in spite of what they saw in the land and the other ten were not. Two of them got to fulfill their destiny and the others did not.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “His eyes roam two and fro looking for someone willing to do His work.” What is God going to see when He looks at you?

You cannot thwart God’s plans as He will find someone who is ready and willing to be obedient to Him.

Imagine missing out on God’s plan because of our own selfishness!

How freeing is it to know that nobody else can steal your destiny? How amazing is it to know that if you press into God and trust Him, He will bring to pass all He has promised and planned and nobody can take that away from you?


Lord, Thank You for revealing the truth that nobody can steal the destiny You have planned for me. I am willing today to release my life to You so that Your perfect and complete will is done in my life. Amen

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