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Waiting To Step

How does it make you feel when you don’t feel God is showing you the next step?

On the road to Damascus Paul hears the audible voice of Jesus and realizes for the first time how wrong he has been.  As a result of this powerful encounter, Paul is blind for 3 days

Sometimes we can get a word from God, but it takes a while for the plan on how to walk it out to come.  When we face these types of situations, we can feel blind.  We have the revelation, but we don’t know how to walk it out.

It requires faith to trust and believe even when we feel blind.

I wonder if that gap in time between a revelation and the way to walk it out is part of God’s refining process.  It defines where our heart is at.

Are we willing to humble ourselves and wait or are we going to take over and make our own plans?

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