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Unfinished Business

Have you ever had something that you know you need to do but you just keep putting it off? Do you have unfinished business that needs attending to?

A few weeks ago we had a storm at our place. Within a short period of time, one of our rooms was flooding. We had to quickly grab things off the floor and put them up higher.

Suddenly I realised all the things on my ‘to-do list’ that I had not completed and instantly wished I had. I had boxes of books on the ground to be donated and an IKEA table needing assembly, both now sitting in a puddle of water. I wished I had taken the time to do these things rather than letting them get damaged.

Matthew 25 tells a story about 10 bridesmaids preparing for the bridegroom. Jesus says 5 were foolish and 5 were wise. The 5 foolish bridesmaids did not take enough oil for their lamps but the 5 wise ones took extra oil.

The groom was delayed and all the bridesmaids had fallen asleep. At midnight the groom arrived. All the bridesmaids got up and prepared their lamps. Needless to say the foolish bridesmaids did not have enough oil and when they were getting some more the bridegroom arrived and took the wise bridesmaids to the marriage feast.

When the foolish bridesmaids finally arrived the doors were locked and they were not allowed to enter.

They all knew the groom was coming but did not know when! What is so confronting about this story is that there were no second chances. In fact when the foolish bridesmaids arrived the bridegroom said, “I don’t know you”.

Now, I am not saying my books and IKEA table are as important as this, however, it made me consider the fact that I do put important things off and I cannot redeem that time. It made me pause and question “What are some of the critical issues I am being complacent about and putting off?”

In life, lots of things can happen that are unexpected and without warning. There is sometimes no time to ‘get your house in order’.

Do you have unfinished business that needs attending to?

How’s your relationship with God? Have you been complacent with your relationship with Him?

Is there a relationship that needs reconciliation or forgiveness, or another there an important task that you have been putting off? Maybe its that appointment you need to book in for that you keep putting off

When crisis comes there is an opportunity for a fresh perspective but not always the opportunity for action.

I wonder if we could make an intentional effort to take stock of our lives regularly and see if there is any important unfinished business that needs our attention?

If there is another area of your life that you have been putting off dealing with, I encourage you to not waste another minute. Be courageous and deal with it. Don’t wait till crisis comes because the opportunity for reconciliation or action may be lost forever.


Lord, Thank You for reminding me today that there is a time coming when I will see You face to face. I do not know when but Lord, I want to be ready. Please show me any area of ‘unfinished’ business in my life that You want me to act upon. Amen

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