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Undivided Attention

What has got your focus and attention?

Today I want to talk to you about the things that engage our attention and whether or not it is healthy for them to have such a priority.  I also want to show you why having God as your first priority can impact every area of your life.

Years ago I was at a seminar where they asked the question “What are the three most important things in your life?”

I remember feeling so embarrassed as I heard other people’s answers and realised that I had not even considered God to be in my top 3!

Back then God was not a priority in my life.  Yes, I was a Christian.  I attended church regularly and was involved in a bible study group.  But the reality was that there were a lot of things I considered more important in my life.

In 1 John 5 he closes off with this simple yet incredibly challenging statement “Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your heart”.

What people, priorities or things are taking up a place in my heart?  Are there things that we choose to give attention to rather than God?

You might be thinking, “Where do I start?”  There is an overwhelming amount of things in your life that are screaming for attention.  You feel swamped overwhelmed and strung out!

Even as I write this my phone is pinging and emails are coming through from people wanting my attention.  Nowadays, it takes a huge amount of discipline to be able to switch off and turn our undivided attention to God.

I’m not saying we need to live life hiding away in constant prayer and bible reading.  But what I am saying is that we are going to need to work to keep our relationship with God a priority because so many things demand our attention and affection.

Why do we need to make our relationship with God a priority?

Because it is in the strength and the freedom of our relationship with Him that we can most healthily navigate all the other things that come our way.

Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our heart above all else because it determines the course of our life.    Our hearts are precious and we need to guard them.  The condition of our heart has a dramatic effect on how we interact in life.  If we are not careful we can open our hearts up to the wrong things or people and real damage can be caused in our lives.

It is for our benefit that we are warned about staying away from things that might take God’s place in our hearts.

When I decided to make God a priority I noticed those things that I thought were so important paled into insignificance.  I began to experience the freedom, love and value of a deep relationship with God that I did not experience elsewhere.

We have been created with a deep longing that only God can fulfill.  We often try to fulfill that longing with all sorts of other things.

When we focus our attention and affection on Him, God fills our heart in a way no earthly thing can satisfy.


Forgive me for the areas of my life where You have not been a priority.  Please help me to not allow people or things to overwhelm me and take priority.   Thank You that You are the only one who can truly protect my heart.


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