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The Story Before The Story

Have you ever been to a concert with a pre-event?

A pre-event could be a group of entertainers that come on before the main act to prepare the crowd.  They set the tone and the atmosphere and focus the audience on the main event.  Today I want to share with you the importance of the pre-event.  It’s rather like a story before the story begins.

A lot of people think that the nativity story begins when the angel Gabriel visits Mary but I believe there is a pre-event that starts months before and it plays a significant part in preparing the way for the Savior King.

In Luke 1 we meet Zechariah and Elizabeth, relatives of Mary.  An angel of the Lord appears to Zechariah and tells him that he will have a son.

Zechariah is told that his son will be a man with the Spirit and power of Elijah and he will prepare the people for the coming of the Lord!

Sometimes God gives us the assignment of preparing the way for someone else.  Sure it would be great to be the “main event”, to be there when the miracle happens.  However, there is a vital role in the pre-event and in preparing the way.

A couple of years ago I was in a ministry position and God told me that I was to “build the platform”.   He wanted me to build the team both in number and efficiency.  My role was to build a platform for the next person and what God had called them to do.

I wonder if God is asking you to be the story before the story?  Is He is asking you to prepare the ground for the next person?

Often as parents, our work is to prepare our children for the future.  Their achievements and successes have a lot to do with the groundwork we have laid in the form of shaping their character.  We are involved in the pre-event, which sets the tone for their life’s journey.

It is a privilege to be involved in the story before the story.  We have the opportunity to be involved at the beginning.  John got to tell the world that a Savior was coming; how exciting is that?

It can be challenging to prepare the way, which is why many don’t want to do it.  When John was preparing the way for Jesus there was resistance and some people did not believe John’s message.   It takes courage to be in the story before the story.

The truth is that you may never see the completion of what you were called to prepare!  John never saw the fulfillment of Christ’s sacrifice for which he was called to proclaim, however, he served faithfully even though he was killed before it came to pass.

It’s important to know when your part in the story has ended and when it is time to pass the batten on.  It’s best to hold your ministry with an open hand otherwise you could end up running your own agenda rather than God’s.

God’s purposes and plans are huge and His desire is that we all be involved and play our part.  Sometimes that will mean that we are involved in the preparation before the miracle comes.

The nativity story began when the angel visited Zechariah and he obediently trusted in God.

While people may not see the ground you have prepared, God does and He loves your faithfulness.

Are you in a season right now of preparing the way?  What insight have you gained from being the story before the story?


Thank You that I get to be a part of Your story.  At the times when my role is to be behind the scenes preparing the way, I choose to serve You with all of my heart knowing that it is a privilege to be a part of Your plans.



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