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The Blessing of Silence

Memorable Moment

How does that make you feel when you are not hearing from God?

For most of us silence from God is quite unsettling, not to mention frustrating.  

In Acts 9 Saul has an encounter with Jesus and as a result, he is blind.   Jesus instructs him to go to the town and wait there for instructions. Three days later was his sight restored.

Sometimes we can get a word from God but it takes time to know how to walk it out. When we face these types of situations we can feel blind.

Because this waiting is unsettling we can feel the need to fill in the gaps ourselves.  Psalm 127:1 reminds us that unless God sets our course we are wasting our time.  

I wonder if the gap between revelation and the way to walk it out is part of God’s refining process.  It defines where our heart is and if we are willing to make our own plans and humble ourselves and wait on Him?

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