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What Eagles Taught Me About Attitude

The other day I had one of those parenting moments that I know you will be able to relate to.  I had been running around trying to do everything I could for my kids yet they were still complaining and I felt like what I had done was not enough. It made me feel unappreciated and overlooked!

I was so frustrated that I went for a walk and as I walked I thought to myself, “Can they see all that I have done for them. Have I not put myself out there to look after them yet they keep on complaining and whining?”

Then I paused and thought, “Am I like that with God? Am I one of His children that just whines and complains constantly?”

Am I missing all that He has done for me because I am complaining about what He hasn’t done?

Have you ever felt like your focus has been on the frustration or anger you are feeling? Is this because you just can’t seem to get the breakthrough you so desparately want? I know how that feels. Im so focussed on the outcome I want I totally forget to be present in the moment, let alone be grateful for it.

I wonder if we could cultivate an attitude of gratitude in our lives. An attitude where we come to God first with thanksgiving and appreciation for all He has done rather than focus on what we don’t feel is happening?

When we make a decision to take the focus off our situation and ourselves and focus on Him we can completely change our attitude. There is strength, joy and life found in focusing on God and being thankful for all He has done.

King David wrote a lot of Psalms that centre around his thankfulness to God.  We read time and time again the phrase, “give thanks to the Lord for He is good.  His love endures forever”.  David cultivated an attitude of gratitude.  He did have moments of desperate crying out to God, but he always returned to praise.  It is important to note that his thankfulness centred on who God is. David remembered His goodness, His love and His faithfulness.

Recently, I read a devotional by Pastor Selwyn Hughes with a great analogy to illustrate my point. He said that if an eagle flies through a storm with its wings in a downward position it will not be able to fly through the storm. The heavy winds will force him downwards and against the rocks. If instead the eagle tilts its wings upwards he is able to fly through the storm without being forced down on the rocks.

This is a great illustration for us.  If we choose to go through life looking downward, focused on our situation or ourselves, we can easily be overcome.  We instead should maintain an upward focus on God, who He is and His story. That way, when storms come we are able to journey through them without being overcome.

By cultivating a thankful heart we keep our focus heavenward and our wings tilted towards God, allowing Him to equip us and strengthen us to continue on.


I am sorry for the times that I have grumbled and complained. Where I have taken my eyes off you and focused on my situation and myself. I choose to tilt my wings upwards towards you and grow to be a person that is thankful in every circumstance because of you.


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