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Sticking Up For Myself

Have you ever been in a situation where you think that no one has considered you?

Decisions made at work or home without a thought for how it would affect you.

Not being valued, hurts and makes us feel vulnerable.   Sometimes at work, those above us can make decisions that may change our area of responsibility, but they don’t seem to recognize the effect that it will have on us being able to do our job.  Sometimes we have a situation with a friend and as they have spoken, they have not considered how their words may affect our heart.

Feeling that you are not being valued often leads us to a place of feeling that we need to protect ourselves.  This can outplay in a number of ways. We can distance ourselves from others to avoid getting hurt.  We can also decide to get them before they get us, or we can choose to look out for our own interest above others to make sure that we don’t get left out.

The trouble with this is that it contradicts the bible.  The word of God does not say look after yourself instead of looking after others.  The bible says the complete opposite.  It tells us to value others above ourselves and to allow them to go first.

How do we stay true to God’s word when we are so scared of being overlooked and when we feel that if we don’t look after ourselves no one else will?

Psalm 139:17 says that God has thoughts for us that are more numerous than grains of sand on the shoreline. That’s a lot of thoughts! He also says in Psalm 40:5 that His plans for us are too numerous to list. That’s a lot of plans!

So, it would seem that there is someone thinking of us.  God thinks of us more than we could ever think of ourselves.  

Let that sink in for a moment…  God thinks about you!

When you feel like nobody cares about you: God thinks about you.  In fact, God thinks more of you than you do of yourself.

Now if that isn’t impressive enough check out what these next three passages say: 

  1. Psalm, 92.5, “O Lord what great works You do how deep are Your thoughts,”

  2. Romans 11:33, “How great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge. How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and ways?”

  3. Isaiah 55:8, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”

These verses all talk about the greatness and wisdom of God’s thoughts.  His thoughts are so much higher than ours, as are His plans.   We think we are protecting ourselves by making sure we look after ourselves, however, there is someone who does that for us far better than we could ever hope and dream.  God thinks of you more than you think of yourself.  How freeing is that?  If we believed that and trusted in God how much free brain space would we have because we no longer have to protect ourselves?  I wonder if we would then have time to put that energy into serving and loving others?

Lord, It is hard to comprehend the thoughts You have for me. Sometimes I feel Im not thought of at all. Please help me to remember you when I feel overlooked and allow that truth to heal my heart. Amen.

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