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Sleeping With Frogs

Memorable Moment

Have you ever known that something is not good for you yet you still continue to do it?

The second plague that God sends upon the Egyptians in Exodus is frogs. There are frogs everywhere. Moses asks Pharaoh, “When would you like me to ask God to remove them?”

Pharaoh replies, “Tomorrow”.

The pharaoh wanted to be with the frogs for another night!

I wonder how many times God shows us frogs in our lives but we want to hold onto them for one more night?

It might be a relationship or a behavior that He is highlighting to us yet we don’t want to let is go!

Why would we ever think of keeping them for an hour longer let alone a night?

Are there frogs God highlighting in your life? What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to ask God to help your remove them or are you going to choose another night with the frogs?

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