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Skipping Over Important Stuff

Have you ever skimmed over parts of the bible because you have found them boring?

In Nehemiah, there is a lengthy list of all the people who rebuilt the wall.  We are told that Shallum repaired the wall of the pool of Shelah.  So what?

One day Jesus is walking along the road and he sees a blind man, Jesus spits on the ground makes some mud and puts it on the man’s eyes.  Then Jesus tells him to wash in the pool of Shelah, now known as the pool of Siloam. The man was healed.

It is incredible to think that the work of Shallum would lead to the opportunity for a miraculous event.

Here’s the thing, sometimes we feel like what we are doing is insignificant and mundane but we do not know if God is going to use what we are sowing as an opportunity for a future miracle.

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