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Posturing For Success

Have you ever felt like you’re not moving forward in life?

One day when I was out paddle boarding, I found myself in a little bit of trouble.  The wind started to pick up

I started to panic as I realized that my furious paddling was getting me nowhere!

Sometimes in life, it feels like a strong wind is blowing against us causing resistance to where we want to go.

In frustration, I dropped to my knees.

As I changed my position suddenly I started to make progress.

James 4:7 says to humble ourselves before God, resist the devil and he will flee.

When we feel as though we are making no progress at all and we feel exhausted from trying, the best place for us and the most productive place for us is to be kneeling at His feet.  It is in this place He will restore and refresh us and show us the way forward.

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