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God Gifts

Did you know God has gifts for you?

A friend once told me “When I get to heaven I want to know that I had opened all the gifts God had for me on earth.”

God has gifts for us here on earth and it is up to us whether we open them or not.

Why would someone choose not to embrace their God given gifts?

Sometimes we feel intimidated using our gifts for fear of what others will think!

But sometimes we simply feel the gifts we have been given just aren’t that special.

We see the way God is using other people and feel that our gifting’s are rather common and not that special.

That’s is simply not true because all gifts are important to God. He has created it so that all our gifts come together and function as one body, meaning that all parts are essential. What you have been given is important.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to get to heaven and see beautifully wrapped presents that could have been ours on earth.

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