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Making Sure We Don’t Throw Away What We Need

Have you ever found yourself struggling to trust God?

Maybe you have trusted Him in the past but now disappointment has worn you down to the point where you do question whether God is actually for you?

In Hebrews chapter 10, Paul talks to Christians about the struggles they are facing.

There was a time where they faced great persecution and tough times but they did so with faith and confidence. But now something has changed.  The confidence they once had has eroded away.

Paul encourages them to not throw away their confident trust in the Lord.

In other words, Paul is saying don’t give up; don’t turn away from your faith because of tiredness and defeat, instead press on.

When we choose to hold onto our confident trust in God rather than throw it away we know that we will be equipped with the endurance we need to continue on in God’s will.

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