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King Of Kings

Is there anyone in your life who has authority over you?

There are times in all of our lives when we struggle under authority.  We feel the frustration of not being able to control things ourselves.

As we celebrate our risen Lord this Easter we remember the sign that was above Jesus as he hung on the cross.

It read, “King of the Jews”.

When we decide to follow Christ, we make a decision to make Him “King of our lives”.

We do this not so that we are controlled and manipulated, we do it because we trust that having Christ as King in our lives brings us a freedom that cannot be found through our own means.

It is when we step out from the covering of our King that we find that our life becomes complicated and burdensome.

Jesus is a King like none other and when we give him full authority in our lives, we live in the incredible freedom He purchased for us on the cross.

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