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I Give Up

Have you ever felt as though you cannot take any more?

When Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah, he fled to the wilderness.

And said to the Lord, “I have had enough”.

Have you ever said that to God?

Sometimes it feels like we can’t take any more, and we want the relentless battle to end.

God answer to Elijah was to eat and rest.

To our way of thinking, God could have done a number of other things to help Elijah in his situation.  Killing Jezebel would have been a good start!

Yet God did not take the issue away but He did refresh Elijah for the journey ahead.

My encouragement to you today if you are feeling weary, if you are wanting to cry out “I’ve had enough” Choose to go to God for rest and nourishment.

When you do this He will give you what you need for the journey ahead.

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