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Have You Given Up On Your Calling?

Is there something you are really gifted at that you no longer do?

Sometimes we let go of the gifts God has given us.  Sometimes it because of business or distraction, but others we have left behind because we have felt defeated.  Circumstances have made us feel like it’s all too hard.  People have done things that have caused us to question whether we even have a gift at all.

In 2 Timothy 1:6 Paul encourages Timothy to fan the flames of his gifting.  Timothy faced a lot of confrontation from people wanting to take him down.  Paul encourages Timothy to keep on going and keep his calling alive!

In other words, not to let the pressure of life or the words of others diminish the journey God has for him.  The same is true for us, let’s fan those flames again.  Don’t let past situations rob you of using your gifts today.

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