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Growing Up

Are you open to allowing God to influence your life?

The book of Judges says, “In those days Israel had no king, all the people did what seemed right in their own eyes”. Sometimes we choose to go things our own way because we believe that we know best.

We don’t want to include God in our decisions because we feel that God won’t approve or give us an answer straight away.

What it really boils down to is our selfish pride.

Have you ever noticed that a baby wants what it wants, and it wants it right now?

We can be like that too.  We can stay immature in our faith because we continue to think our way is best. Yet time and time again we read in the Word that God’s way is one of selflessness and trust in Him.

Part of maturing in Christ is to let go of the babyish ways that hold us back and trust God in everything we do.  When we do this we are challenged and begin to grow and mature as Christians.

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