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Getting Older And Loving It

How do you feel about aging?

During a recent health check, the doctor took a full-body photo for reference.  As I looked at the image come up on the screen I was absolutely horrified!  I was so embarrassed about how my body looked!

In 2 Corinthians 4:16, Paul states that although our bodies are dying our spirit is being renewed day by day.

We can often get caught up and distressed by the aging of our outer body.  We see the flaws and do everything we can to hide or eliminate them.

However, there is one part of us that is not wasting away.  In fact, it is being renewed every day and that is our spirit.

The pursuit of outer renewal is ultimately fruitless – we will all die eventually.  Our time would be better spent focusing on the renewal of our spirit that a relationship with Jesus offers.  One which will last for eternity.

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