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Five Lessons We Can Learn From Children

Have you ever felt that you missed the boat? Have you felt that you are too old for God to use?

I was involved in a conference recently where I met a lady who reminded me that we are always children of God. She was bursting with excitement at the opportunity to learn something new about God. Throughout the day she had enthusiasm and a child-like joy at the wonder of what God would do next.

She was 82 years old!

At 82 you could safely assume that there may not be much more you need to learn, but not this lady. She was excited and enthusiastic to see what God had planned for her and her enthusiasm and desire to know God more inspired me and reminded me of what Jesus said about children.

Jesus was so fond of children that He said that the Kingdom of God was theirs, Mark 10:13-17. Why did He say that? What is it about children that is attractive to God? What can children teach us about relating to God in a way that pleases Him?

Lesson 1

Children are uninhibited and don’t seem to care about what type of image they are putting out there. They will say what’s on their mind, are raw and honest and aren’t afraid to look a little silly. In 1 Samuel 16:7 we read that the heart is the most important to God, not the outer appearance. How many times do we not follow Gods leading because we are afraid of what others will think or how we will look?

Do you put up a facade with God?

Childlike faith is uninhibited and unreserved.

Lesson 2

Children are trusting. As a parent we feel the responsibility of the trust they place on us. God wants us to trust Him and believe Him at His word, as in Jeremiah 17:7-8.

Do you struggle with that? Do you require God to ‘prove’ Himself for you to believe?

Childlike faith trusts without reservation.

Lesson 3

Children are enthusiastic about life. They bounce out of bed in the morning and are ready to play. One of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is joy, Galatians 5:22. God wants us to be joyful, 1 Thessalonians 5:16. Have we gotten a little too serious?

When did you last laugh hysterically?

Childlike faith rejoices in life.

Lesson 4

Children are inquisitive. Children want to know stuff. I can remember my kids going through the phase of asking ‘why’ all the time? They wanted to know ‘why’ to everything! It drove me nuts! Luckily God never tires of us coming to Him with questions. In fact He loves it, Matthew 7:7-8.

Do you want to know more about God?

Childlike faith seeks the truth.

Lesson 5

Children are dependent. They need us to survive. They rely on us for everything. As adults we try to meet our own needs but God wants to meet your needs and He wants us to rely on Him, Philippians 4:19.

Is there a God gap in your life or have you got all the bases covered?

Childlike faith abides in God.

Can you see what God finds so attractive about children?

Are there are areas in our lives that need some ‘child-like’ attention?

I hope that when I am 82 I am still excited to learn new things about God, how about you? Our physical age will change but the fact that we are children of God will never change.


Lord, Thank You that I can come to You as a child. I don’t have to have all the answers and I don’t have to impress You. All I have to do is trust in You and depend on You as my loving Father. Lord, where I have become a little too serious in life can You please help me to find child-like joy again. Thank You for the safe place I can rely on as being a child of Yours. Amen

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