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Ducking Waves

How do we steady ourselves against the storms that life throws our way? How can we endure when it feels like wave after wave is rolling in to knock us off our feet?

When I was a little girl we would go to Torquay in Victoria to visit my grandparents and every day without fail we would go to the famous ‘Bells beach’ for a surf. Now, I’m not a beach girl, I am as pale as a sheet and an incredible magnet for the sun! I’m also not a big fan of saltwater either so I was happy enough to play in the sand and guard our belongings from the incoming tide!

As a little girl the ocean was unpredictable and scary. It could whip my feet out from underneath me before I even knew what had happened. With its extreme power and force it would roll me over and over again till I was desperately gasping for breath. I found it very frightening. Then one day everything changed and the sea became not so scary to me anymore. I learned that if I went out a little deeper where the waves were only beginning to form I could dive underneath them and not be dumped. This also showed me that I could enjoy the freedom of the ocean without being overcome.

Over time I have noticed that our lives can feel a little like the ocean. Waves of challenges and decisions keep on coming with a new one always waiting to rise from the deep.

Have you ever wondered how we can withstand lifes constant flow of waves?

Hebrews 6:18-19 it says that our hope, Jesus Christ, is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. An anchor does not remove or lessen the waves but it allows you to hold strong in them!

That’s what living a strong life is like! When we are positioned in Christ we don’t have to fear being tumbled over and over when trouble comes. Jesus becomes our anchor. We are able to endure the waves, no matter how huge they are. Being anchored to God allows us to survive wild storms without being overcome. He becomes our source of strength.

Are you are feeling a little weary and worn out from the waves of life?

The apostle Paul boasted about his own weakness, 2 Cor 12:8-10, because he knew that God’s power works best in our weakness.

I’m encouraging you to let God be your strength. His grace is all you need and His power works best in our weakness. Think of Him as your anchor stopping you from being swept away. You can cling to Him and He will keep you grounded. When God is with you, as He was with the Israelites, you will not be overcome, Jeremiah 1:18-19!

Would you be willing to surrender your situation to Him, place it at His mighty feet and allow Him to carry you through?

I have included a copy of the verses I have mentioned on a simple printable sheet. You could also print them to palm cards or bookmark them in your bible so that you can keep them with you to remind you and strengthen you as you weather the storm. Just click on the image below to download it.



Thank You that You are my anchor and that I will not be overcome by my circumstances but I will be an overcomer of them because you are with me. Thank you for your grace and strength in my weakness.


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