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Doing Sabbath God’s Way

Do you have a Sabbath?

In Mark 2:23-28 Jesus says the Sabbath was made by God to meet the needs of the people, not the people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath.  In other words, God designed the Sabbath for us.

So if this day is for us what is it supposed to look like?

I would like to suggest 2 important elements that make a Sabbath as God intended it to be

  1. The Sabbath is a rest from the daily routine of life. It is also an opportunity for us to be refilled and refreshed.  

  2. Focus on God. It not merely a day off. It is a time to connect with God, worship Him and let Him refresh us with His truth.

The Sabbath is important. It takes discipline to live it out however if we choose to use engage in it, it will become an incredible blessing in our lives.

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