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Disappointed With People

Have you ever put in a huge amount of work into something only to have no one notice?

There are going to be times in our lives when we feel unappreciated. It may be at home, at work or even at church. No matter where we experience this situation we can be left feeling very hurt and alone. However, there is a way that we can journey through these situations without letting resentment creep in.

A couple of weeks ago I had a person value our house. We spent the previous 3 days cleaning the house both inside and out because we wanted to get the best valuation possible. I even prayed for favor and connection with the person performing the valuation.

The reality of her visit was the complete opposite. As the lady arrived it became immediately obvious that we were not going to have a kindred moment together. She had one job on her mind, to evaluate the bricks and mortar. No regard was given for the presentation of our house or the love that I had put into it.

As she measured the walls I wanted to say “can you not see how clean that wall is?” As she went to my kid’s rooms I wanted to say, “can you see that I actually got 4 teenage kids to clean their rooms, I mean really clean their rooms?” But instead I stood there in silence feeling dejected as she pragmatically measured the house.

Sometimes we have expectations that the effort we are putting in is going to be noticed and received and when it doesn’t we feel hurt and disappointed?

Sometimes in relationships we feel as though we are putting in a really big effort and the other person involved just isn’t. Maybe we put in extra hours at work or covering for someone else yet our efforts seems to go unnoticed?

It can even happen at church where we are serving week after week and it seems nobody cares or appreciates what we’re doing.

Today I have a very basic encouragement, but it is valuable nonetheless. I want to give you two truths you can hold onto when you are feeling unappreciated.

Firstly, God sees everything you do even when nobody else does.

As simple and as obvious as this might sound it is so valuable to know this when it feels like nobody else is noticing what we do. The peace of knowing that God sees is very comforting and allows us to keep on serving even when we feel alone. Most importantly God sees our heart as we serve, so even if it has not been received by someone else God knows our intentions.

Secondly, I want to encourage you not to let your heart grow bitter. Being unnoticed or unappreciated hurts and the temptation is to close off our heart and take a step back to avoid getting hurt again.

When we experience hurt it is so important for us to take those feelings to God and let Him minister to it. That way we will be able to keep our heart soft and stop a root of bitterness from taking hold. As God refills us we are able to keep on giving in spite of how people react.

If you are in a challenging relationship or a difficult season where you feel under-appreciated I want to encourage you that God does see you, especially your heart.

Don’t let the pain of not being appreciated by people stop you from doing what God is putting in your heart.


Thank You that You are a God who sees. Please remind me to run to You whenever I feel unappreciated by man and get filled up by You.


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