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Dealing With Dissatisfaction

Do you feel that what you are doing is below your skill set, or that you are not getting the opportunity to use everything you have to offer?

Sometimes we can experience this in our job, our church or even at home where our role may not give us the opportunity to use all of our skills and talents.  We also may have expressed a desire or a passion for area that is simply not available to us at this moment.  As we find ourselves doing tasks that are way below our skill set we can be left feeling frustrated and underutilised.

In Acts 6 we read about a man named Stephen who was chosen by the apostles to hand out food.  Pretty mundane task wouldn’t you say?

Scripture then goes on to describe Stephen.  He was full of God’s grace and power and performed amazing miracles and signs.  He was even called before the high priests where he boldly shared the whole history of Israel right to Jesus crucifixion and all the while his face glowed like that of an angel.

What a gifted man he was!  Yet he was given the job of handing out food!  Seems rather below his skill set doesn’t it?

Its also rather ironic that Stephen was asked to hand out food so that the apostles could concentrate on prayer and teaching the word!  Wasn’t Stephen a gifted teacher?  Ouch!

Stephen had amazing gifts yet he was asked to serve in an area that didn’t seem to showcase any of them!

Stephen’s life is an encouragement to us about the value of humility and trusting God.

It can be so frustrating when we don’t feel that we are using your gifts to the fullest. It can cause us to get very frustrated with the people who seem to be standing in our way or frustrated with God for not doing something.

When I have wrestled with this God has shown me time and time again that His plans are different to mine.  All I need to do is be diligent with what is before me and He will make a way.  This is easier said than done!

I have struggled to get my heart attitude to that Godly place.  That is why I find Stephens story so inspiring as well as challenging.  Stephen served well and in Gods perfect timing the fullness of Stephens gifting came to light.  I think it’s also worth mentioning that out of the seven chosen, Stephen was the only one we read about!

Stephen showed himself to be faithful with the task given to him and God used him in a mighty way.

God sees the tension we feel in those times.  He knows our gifts and talents because He gave them to us! There will be a time and a season that they will be used by Him in a powerful way.  The challenge for us is to remain faithful with those little things, trusting that God will use them in His perfect time.

Your small beginning can be the start of something huge!

There are valuable lessons we can learn in small tasks that are going to benefit us in the future.  Serving faithfully and with joy in the little things pleases God’s heart and leads us to a place where we can receive more.

God encourages us not to despise small beginnings, see Zechariah 4:10, because He rejoices to see the work begin.  He sees the small things as a beginning; they are only the start of something bigger that He has in mind.


I am sorry where my heart and attitude has been resentful towards the small things.  Where I have felt that the task before me is too mundane.  Please help me to be faithful in the small stuff knowing that You see all and that You rejoice in small beginnings.


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