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Busting The Myth Of ‘You’ll Never’

Has anyone ever intimidated you?  Have they questioned who you are or your ability to do something?

There are always going to be people in our lives that are going to try to intimidate and control us.  Today I want to share with you how to resist their intimidation and forge forward in your life.

There was once a king in Judah called Hezekiah.  He was obedient to God and He was greatly pleased with him.

One day another king from a powerful opposing nation sought to intimidate and control Hezekiah.

He asked, “What are you trusting in that makes you so confident?  Do you think your words can substitute for my military power and strength?  Who are you counting on?”

Has someone questioned you and shaken your confidence? Maybe it has come from someone you are really close to and it really hurt.

When we allow other people to intimidate and manipulate us we will never be truly free and happy.

Situations can also cause us to shy away from our calling.  In my blog post “Have you left something behind in the mud?”I discuss how we overcome this.

Today, I am going to show you how their “You’ll Nevers” have absolutely no power whatsoever in your life.

I have had people tell me “you’ll never”.

I don’t think there can be anything more defeating and demoralising than someone proclaiming that what’s on your heart will never be fulfilled.  It is especially hard when it’s someone you value closely such as a parent, a boss or a leader.

If we allow this proclamation by others to take root we can be intimidated into moving away from what we feel God is calling us to do.

Here is the good news I want to encourage you with today.

If God has revealed something to you, if God has lit a fire deep in your heart for a particular cause then their “You’ll Nevers” mean absolutely nothing!

There is absolutely no power in a ‘never’ spoken by a human when the God of the entire universe says you will!

When God says something, shows you something, or stirs something in your heart He’s not showing you so you can make it happen in your own wisdom and strength.  He’s not showing you so that someone else can make it happen for you.  He is showing you because He is going to make it happen!

The only thing required of you is obedience.

Often the “You’ll never” statement says more about them than you.  It’s their lack of faith and fear that they are projecting on you.

Hezekiah’s strength and authority came from the fact that he counted on God to lead and protect him.

Don’t be afraid when someone questions who you are and by what authority you are going to do it.  Just remember that it is God you are putting your faith and trust in.  He is the one who will bring to pass what seems impossible to others.


I am so thankful that You are faithful to Your word and that if You say it will come to pass then it will indeed.  Thank You for the hopes and dreams You have put into my heart and although they seem impossible to others they are not impossible for You.



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