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5 Keys To Embracing Creativity In Your Life

Does creativity have a place in your life?

Today I want to share with you 5 benefits of embracing your God-given creativity and 5 keys to incorporating creativity into your life.

When God made man He made him in His image. God is creative and has placed within all of us the ability to be creative. This creativity out works in many different ways in every individual. Your creativity is not the same as mine.

How ever it outworks, God has placed within us a desire to create. This creativity connects us with God and His heart to create.

A few months ago I was reminded of the importance of creativity in my life.

I had neglected my garden and it was looking pretty sad. I approached the task before me with a resigned sense of another job having to be done.

As I began to work a very different disposition came over me. I could actually feel myself coming alive! I felt joy and inspiration with every weed I pulled out!

My brain began to tick over at a 100 miles per hour as I planned and created what would now take the place that was once occupied by weeds and debris.

Through that experience I was reminded of what I had been missing out on. I had neglected my creative side and allowed other things to take a priority in my life.

As busy people, it can be very easy for us to put aside our creativity. We can see taking time to be creative as a luxury we cant afford.

However I noticed 5 benefits of being creative that made me want to be more intentional about pursuing it.

  1.  I felt more connected to God.

  2. I felt a lot happier being creative and this benefited my relationships with my family.

  3. My anxiety diminished.

  4. I felt more peaceful and refreshed.

  5. My creativity and output increased in other areas of my life.

Often creativity doesn’t just happen. We need to be intentional. So I also want to share with you 5 keys to make sure creativity is a regular part of your life

  1. Be deliberate – It won’t just happen you need to set aside time to make it happen.

  2. Be regular – Long periods of time between creative times can mean that you lose momentum and are more likely to get out of the habit of being creative.

  3. Try new things – even creative things can become boring after a while. Be on the lookout for new and interesting ways to be creative.

  4. Renew your mind – Change the way you think about your creative time. See it as a necessity that enhances all of your life, not just something you do.

  5. A little bit of time goes a long way – Don’t be legalistic about the time you spend being creative. Let it flow! Sometimes you will have more time than others. It’s amazing how refreshing a short burst of creativity can be.

When God created the world He did a bit every day. When we embrace doing something creative every day our heart and mind is refreshed and we are able to connect with the heart of God.

What is one thing you are going to do today to light the spark of creativity in your life?


Thank you for the creativity You have given me. Thank you that it connects me to Your heart and fills me up.


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