Underestimating the impact of the little things of life

Have you ever felt like what you are doing has little to no impact at all?

Sometimes we can look at other people and think that they are doing so much more than us. We can look at the position they hold or the opportunities they get and feel that we are missing out. But God doesn’t see it that way. God’s measure of greatness doesn’t revolve around position or power.

By worldly standards it may seem like your efforts are insignificant but I want to encourage you that this is not the case. You efforts have great significance and impact; even if they are beneficial for only one person.

There have been many times in my life where I have felt that what I am doing is not significant at all. All around me I could see other people doing amazing things for God like writing books, going on mission trips and preaching all around the world. In comparison to these things my efforts didn’t seem special at all.

There is a story in the bible that has encouraged me not to judge the significance of what I do by worldly standards.

One day Paul travels to a house in Joppa where a lady named Tabitha has died, Acts 9:36-42. As he arrives at her bedside, the room is filled with people weeping at the loss. As they weep they show Paul the clothing that Tabitha had made for them.

There is such an outpouring of sorrow and grief for this lady. It’s incredible to think that something as simple as making coats could have such a dramatic impact on peoples lives.

As Christians we can easily fall into the trap of classifying our giftings: Seeing some people’s gifts as greater than others. Often we associate greatness by how many people we influence or impact. But this is not true in the kingdom of God.

Here we see a lady serve in a quiet understated way and have an incredible impact on those around her. Her impact was so great that they wanted Paul to raise her from the dead!

In your current season are you feeling that you’re not making a difference at all? Don’t let the apparent ‘simplicity’ of your efforts deceive you into believing that they are not important. One simple act has the power to completely change another person’s world.

Tabitha was a lady who simply did what God asked her to do. Simply by being kind and serving the poor she was able to show Gods love to others and deeply impact their lives.

What you do matters!

It may only affect a small group of people but it matters nonetheless.

Jesus talks about this in Matthew 25. In this passage He mentions how significant it is when we feed someone, when we give someone a drink, when we invite people into our home, when we give them clothing or care for them when they are sick or when we visit them in prison.
The things that seem so small and insignificant to us are not insignificant to God. In fact Jesus said that when we do these things it is just as though we are doing it for Jesus Himself, Matthew 25:40.

Next time we are doing things that seem inconsequential I wonder if we could carry that mindset that we are actually doing it for God?

Tabitha lived her life being kind to people and helping people , may we never underestimate the impact of the little things in life.


I struggle at times with feeling that what I am doing doesn’t really matter at all. Can you please help me to see the impact that ‘little things’ have on people’s lives.


Question: When have you done something for someone else that seems insignificant to you but has hugely impacted them? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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