Have you built clauses into your relationship with God?

Is Jesus blessing you or bearing with you?

If you were to take an honest look at how you are relating to God right now would you say you are flowing in His grace and blessings or are you battling for control?

God has given us free will.  This gives us the ability to decide how we will live out our lives even when we are in a relationship with Him.

What if that free will was hurting us?  What if using it meant that we put conditions on our relationship with God, preventing Him from working in our lives in the way He wants.

There have been seasons in my life where God has had to bear with me.  There have been times where He has had to wait while I tried to make my own way.  I have said I will follow Him but there are a number of things I would like to do my own way first.   My agenda and ambition has far out weighed my desire to follow Him completely.

Luke 9:57-62 is an interesting passage that tells of people coming to Jesus, desiring to follow Him but declaring a clause.  There is always one thing they need to do before they will be totally committed to Jesus.

Are you putting off total devotion to God?

Is there one last thing that you need to do before you are fully ready to follow Him?

Have you noticed that the day you have been waiting for never really comes?  There will always be another thing that we want to conquer in our own strength, in our own way.

That’s why Jesus responses are so harsh because He knows how we think.  He knows that if we haven’t got to that place of total surrender with Him we will always try to manage our lives on our own strength.

The sad thing for us is that in making this decision we are missing our on the richness of God’s blessing for us.  He wants to journey with us, grow us and open our eyes to his wondrous grace.  But if we continue to have excuses and clauses to following Him we are going to miss out.

God wants us to take our hand and run.  He has so much to show us and so much distance He wants to cover yet we are taking baby steps.  We are fearful and concerned about so many things and God has to wait for us when there is so much more He wants to offer.

We don’t want God to have to bear with us!  We want Him to bless us!

The beauty of our relationship with God will flourish when we follow Him with unreserved abandon.  When we drop the clauses and conditions and simply follow Him.  Unconditional obedience will bring the fruit of blessing to our lives.


I am sorry for all the clauses and condition I have put on our relationship.  I choose today to lay it down and follow You with no strings attached.  Thank You that You will never leave or forsake me.



Question: What are the clauses in your life that hold you back from abandonment with God? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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