Encouragement for the discouraged

How do you feel as a parent at the moment? Do you feel you are smashing it or are you feeling disillusioned? Parenting is a challenging task and we can easily feel discouraged thinking that we have little impact on the lives of those around us. If you feel your parenting is hopeless today I want to encourage you that your labour is not fruitless.

Are you living your life like it is a dress rehearsal?

Months ago my neighbour was doing renovations to his house and as we talked to him about the huge scale of the renovations he was making, he said “I am doing all this now because I am 70 something and this is not a dress rehearsal!”  His statement caused me to pause and ponder… Am I living my life like it is a dress rehearsal? Am I complacent in my life and seeing it as a practice run before the main event?