How white tablecloths can change your life

Have you ever felt the fear of stepping into something because you are afraid that you are going to mess it up?

The fear of failure can be paralyzing in our lives. It can stop us from venturing into the unknown or it can keep us from fully enjoying an opportunity in front of us.

With a small shift in our attitude and by embracing white tablecloths we can overcome the fear that has been holding us back! Let me explain…

The other week I had some young ladies at my house and as it was someone’s birthday we were enjoying chocolate mud cake.

As I approached the table I noticed the young ladies were all holding their plates just under their chins. When I enquired as to why they were doing this, they explained that they were scared of staining my white tablecloth.

I thought it was hilarious. I often put a white tablecloth on my table because I love the crisp clean feel of a white tablecloth. Although it does get stained I don’t let that stop me from enjoying the beauty of it.

I wonder if we sometimes don’t step in to things because we are afraid of messing it up. Are we more concerned by the possible outcome than actually enjoying the opportunity?

Our journey of faith involves stepping out into the unknown. It is the opportunity for us to use what we have been given and not be afraid if stuffing it up.

Table clothes can be cleaned and mistakes can be cleaned up!

I know in my life I have been afraid of doing certain things because I was afraid of messing it up. Relationships are one such example. The fear that I might eventually do or say something that might damage the relationship has caused me at times to keep people at arms length.

When it comes to my spiritual gifting’s I have held back because of fear that I might be wrong and thus embarrass myself or hurt others by using them.

When it comes to opportunities that come my way I have struggled with doubt, thinking that I will not succeed and wondering if it is even worth trying!

We hold ourselves back when we continuously wait for the perfect opportunity. That moment where we have it all together, have more wisdom, money etc. We need to learn to use what we have now. When we enjoy what we have now God will use us in a powerful way.

I don’t want to have a cupboard full of pristine white tablecloths that are only brought out for special occasions. I want to live dangerously and enjoy white tablecloths every day of my life! Do I get annoyed when they get stained? Yes. However the enjoyment of having them out far out weighs the inconvenience of having to deal with a stain.

Choose to take a risk and use what God has given you. He will be our strength and guide even when we make mistakes.

Can you please show me the white tablecloths in my life; the things that I am holding back on for fear that it may not work out the way I hoped. Help me to trust in you and not be afraid to use what you have given me.

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2 thoughts on “How white tablecloths can change your life

  1. Insightful Leanne.
    I have found that this attitude or way of thinking sometimes can be so stifling i have allowed it to paralyse me to the extent that I won’t do the things I love the most for fear of what I’m not even sure – possibly of messing them up, maybe of finishing them. I am so leaning on Gods abundance to help me thru these moments. Thank you again.

    • So true Ali, it all comes down to trusting in God and His character. I hope we all learn to not hold back and confidently use our ‘white table clothes’