Memorable Moments: The Tenderness of God

Have you ever felt frustrated waiting for an answer from God? Does it seem like He might have forgotten to answer your prayer?We read in Exodus that when God led the Israelites out of Egypt He did not take them along the main road.
Instead He led them on a longer route.  Do you sometimes feel that God has led you on a longer route? You can see the most obvious solution, yet God does not seem to be doing that. Why did He lead the Israelites the long way round?
It was because the land they were about to enter was inhabited by the Philistines. God did not want them to loose courage and return back to where they had come from.
How tender and caring of God to know His people and protect them. He took them the long way for their own good.
How about you?
Is it possible that God has you on the long route because He cares and is lovingly protecting you?

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