When average is awesome to God

How do you feel about yourself? Some of us go through most of our lives feeling pretty average. It seems like influence, beauty and fame are the marks of an awesome person. But what if you feel that describes every one else but you!

Sometimes I am overcome by average. I see other people doing all these incredible things and having this amazing influence and I am just a housewife in the suburbs! I have the desire to do great things but I don’t always have the means or expertise to do so.

However I am encouraged as I read God’s word that He likes average. He is not affected by the simplicity of my life.

From the Old to the New Testament we see that God uses average people in extraordinary ways. In fact I would dare to say that He prefers average!

In the Gospels we see Jesus choose 12 average men to do life with and to share the secrets of the kingdom with. I love the fact God loves average.

In 1 Corinthians 1:26-30 Paul speaks about God’s choice to use the average to carry out his plans.

Paul tells the church at Corinth that not many are wise from a human perspective or hold great power or from a noble family but God still uses them.

He uses the fools to shame the wise: The weak to shame the strong. What is viewed as nothing, to bring to nothing what is viewed as something.

Why would God choose to use average people?

He chooses average people because He knows, like we know! That we couldn’t possibly do it without Him!

We can’t boast about our wisdom, strength or wealth getting us through situations we do remarkable things because of Him

I don’t know about you but this is great news for me! God is not looking for me to be talented or extraordinary He is looking for me to be available.

God can do extraordinary things through average people like us.

Paul finishes his writing by quoting Jeremiah 9:24 where it is written, “let one who boasts, boast in the Lord”.

God chooses average people because when He does incredible things through them they will give the glory to Him.

I know that there are things in my life that I do and say that are all due to God working in me and through me not due to myself.

The truth is that our average is awesome to God. When we come to Him humbly knowing that we don’t have brilliance to offer but instead we offer what we have, He turns our average into awesome.

Thank you that the truth is that I’m not average at all! I have been made in Your image and that makes me incredible. Even though my life may seem average at times thank You that You can use me to do incredible things.

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