What we need more than resolutions this year!

What did you see God do “in” you last year? What did you see God do “through” you in this last year?

An important part of moving forward in our journey with God is reflecting on the past. There are lots of things we can learn from hindsight that can benefit us in our future.

Can you see that you have grown in God or do you feel a little disappointed with how last year went?

A lot of us start our year with new years resolutions. Where we decide what we are going to do differently. But too often the reality is that come February most of these decisions have been left by the wayside.

Instead of approaching this year with resolutions why not live this year out with new years revelations!

When we experience a revelation our world completely changes. Our heart moves from a really great idea that we “should do” to a heart transformation that affects our whole life.

When was the last time you had a revelation of God? One of those times when you learnt something that completely changed your heart and mind and you haven’t been the same since?

Have you had a revelation of how great His love is for you or a revelation of His power and His ability to completely change circumstances? Have you instead had a revelation of His faithfulness or His holiness?

God is so massive and incomprehensible so finding a new revelation of Him will not be hard!

The bible is one of the best places I know to get a fresh revelation of God. What I see revealed of Him on the pages challenges my head and my heart.

For example if I want a revelation of how huge God is I go to Exodus 33:18-23
where Moses asks to see God’s glory. The fact that we cannot even look upon His face in our current state both thrills and terrifies me! If I want a revelation of God’s love I read about Jesus, particularly His crucifixion. It humbles me and overwhelms my heart every time… and the list goes on! Revelation is found in the pages of God’s word.

Do you feel that last year was a bit average for you? Do you feel that you have not really achieved anything you thought you would and your relationship with God is not where you think it should be? All is not lost!

The New Year is an inspirational time where we get to put a stake in the ground and make a decision that the next 12 months are going to be different.

But this is going to require something of us in order to make it happen.

If we want to have revelations rather than resolutions this year it is going to require us to make two simple decisions. We need to decide what we are going to exclude from our lives this year and what we are going to include.

Exclude those things that hold us back and distract us and include those things that are going to bring meaning and vitality into our lives.

I would like to suggest if you truly want revelation in your life this year a regular routine of reading the word and prayer is going to help do that for you.

May this year be marked as a year in which we discovered God in a way we have never experienced Him before.

I want to have a fresh revelation of You. I want to grow in my relationship with You and know that throughout this year I have invested my time and energy into things that have meaning and significance.

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