How to make this year a fruitful one

Do you take time at the start of the year to plan ahead? How do you decide what you’re going to do?

What I love most about this time of year is that it is the opportunity to take stock of my life. It is a time where I get to recalibrate and assess where my life is heading.

So much of our lives can be spent ‘ducking waves’ as it would seem. Where we seem to deal with one situation after another with little to no time to breathe.

The month of January often gives us a delightful reprieve from the ‘ducking’ and allows us to creatively think about the year ahead. Asking ourselves questions like “What am I going to commit to?” and “What do I want to achieve during this year?”

The other day I was reading from 1 John 5 and there was a passage of scripture that caught my attention and caused me to think more carefully about the year ahead.

Verses 14-15 are talking about effective prayer. John speaks about the confidence we can have in God when we ask anything according to His will. When we do this He hears us. Therefore if we know that He hears whatever we ask we also know that we have whatever we have asked of Him.

There is so much I want to say on this passage in reference to prayer which I will do in the future but for now I want our focus to be on planning for the year ahead.

What impacted me about this verse particularly at the start of the New Year is the mention of Gods will.

The main point of Johns message was the will of God. This is the key to having confidence and success. If we ask anything according to God’s will He hears us. He is listening when we are praying in alignment with Him.

When we know that what we are asking is in line with God’s will we know that He hears us and that we will have whatever we ask.

Therefore asking in alignment with Gods will gives us an huge amount of confidence.

So the question for us is do we actually know the will of God for our lives this year?

Confidence and success comes from knowing the will of God and walking in alignment with it.

So how do we know the will of God?

Simply ask Him. If you ask God what He wants to see in your life physically, spiritually and emotionally this year He will show you. He will also tell you the plans He has for your family and career.

Our church begins every year with a week of fasting and praying, asking God about His desire for the year ahead. This means we start off the year knowing the direction God wants us to head in.

Yes its true that Gods ways are higher than ours and we may not always understand the full picture of God’s will. This is why asking Gods will is an ongoing journey. He may only reveal part of it to you but as you continue to seek Him it will become more evident.

This is not something that we just do at the start of each year and work the rest of the year out on our own. This is a continual process of connecting with God finding out His direction then walking in it.

If we take time to seek God for His will for ourselves personally, our families, our marriages and our careers we are going to enjoy a more fruitful year than if we try to work all these things out on our own.

As we make decisions about this coming year we can experience increased confidence and faith when we make these decisions in line with God and His desires for us.

Why not let this year be defined by God’s plans rather than our own.

I want to hear what Your plans are for my family and for me this year. Please show me Your will so I can walk in it.

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